Labour Department

  • Contracts of employment. Advice on the different types of contracts of employment and their termination, and on National Insurance contributions, including discounts and incentives for taking on employees.
  • Quantification of salary costs and business costs of employees and the workforce.
  • Determining appropriate National Insurance regimes in each instance: general regime, self-employed, artists, domestic staff in private households, commercial representatives, etc. In particular, determining the appropriate National Insurance regime for members/shareholders and company directors and secretaries.
  • Advice on contingencies covered by National Insurance.
  • Advice on National Insurance contribution and retirement policies. Calculation of retirement pensions.


  • Drafting of directorship contracts and of contracts of employment with specific clauses (exclusivity, confidentiality, non-competition). Displacement agreements.
  • Legal advice and defence of the client against judicial and administrative claims under contentious-administrative and labour jurisdiction.
  • Legal assistance and representation at Labour Courts for dismissals and other sanctions, pension/benefit claims (widow’s/widower’s, disability, etc.). Processes of substantial modification of employment conditions and geographical mobility. Claim for unpaid amount proceedings.
  • Appeals before the High Court of Justice of Catalonia.
  • Assistance and defence of the client in all Office of Labour Inspection actions. Allegations and appeals.
  • Downsizing plans.
  • Submission of dossiers to the Wage Guarantee Fund.


  • General advice on immigration law, particularly for EU citizens. Expatriation processes.
  • Processing applications for work and residence permits (initial, social integration and family regrouping). Renewals.
  • Administrative appeals for review if denied.