Administration Department

  • Notifying the Spanish Tax Authority and Local Tax Authorities of Taxable Persons’ registrations, modifications and deregistrations.
  • Submission of returns for and payment of national, regional and municipal taxes in keeping with the taxpayer's calendar.
  • Production and submission of returns information (annual tax summaries, operations with third parties returns, Intrastat statistics).
  • National Insurance registrations and deregistrations for businesses and individuals.
  • Production of wage/salary slips and settlements.
  • Production and renewal of contracts.
  • Using the Spanish Social Security’s RED system to notify National Insurance registrations, modifications and deregistrations, and to pay National Insurance contributions.
  • Submission of deeds to the respective Registers (Companies, Civil, Property).
  • Signature legitimation.
  • Filing of Annual Accounts and Report.
  • Legalisation of Accounting Books.