Tax Department

Direct taxes:
  • Company tax and Income tax:
    • Planning and coordination with Accounting.
    • Amortisation/Depreciation plans.
  • Non-resident Income tax:
    • Direct taxes on income obtained in Spain by Companies and Non-resident Natural Persons.
    • Application of international double taxation agreements to avoid paying taxes twice.
  • Inheritance and Gift tax:
    • Policy planning.
    • Advice to families.
Indirect taxes:
  • VAT and Capital Transfer Tax (ITP):  
    • Planning and determining the framework for operations. Determining tax liabilities and rates.
    • Location of operations with EU Member States and Third Countries:
      determining the grounds for liability or exemption.
    • Inclusion in the Exporters’ Regime for VAT.
    • Recovery of VAT paid in Spain by Non-residents.
  • Appointment of a Tax Representative for Non-residents.
  • Representation and assistance when faced with tax Summonses and Inspections.