How we work

Our principles can be summarised as follows:
  • It is more important for us to have faithful clients than a lot of clients because fidelity is the main indicator of the quality of our service and its value for money.
  • We are also fully aware of the trust our clients place in us when they provide us with confidential data to work with, which we handle with utmost discretion.
  • Our professionals are our main asset and that’s why teamwork is so important; it allows us to share experiences while strengthening not only our training but also our motivation by a job well done.

We allocate a lead consultant to every assignment commissioned by our clients, who is responsible for organising and ensuring that the work it entails is carried out. Specific tasks are allocated to specific people on account of their background and knowledge.

Under our standard operating procedure, when a client record is created, a calendar for carrying out the work is established, as is a calendar for the tax, trade and labour obligations associated with it, thus ensuring full control over compliance with them.

We also have an hourly registration system, which provides us with a record of the amount of time spent on each client and task. This tells us about our efficiency in terms of carrying out the assignments commissioned by our clients, and allows us to adjust any deviations that may arise in the service provision.

While the work is being carried out, all necessary meetings are held with the client to monitor the attainment of the assignment’s objectives. Depending on the client’s material resources and business structure, we may move all or some of the tasks to the client’s offices.

For clients in the Barcelona metropolitan area, we have our own courier service to collect and deliver documents.


Whenever the services we are asked to provide are recurrent, we establish a quarterly or monthly fixed fee depending on how often our intervention is required. This is the case for our accounting and tax services, the fees for which are set out in the estimates that our potential clients approve. For corporate clients (legal persons) requiring these services, an additional fee is charged annually for tasks connected with the year-end process.

The Labour Department also uses a fee system, comprising a fixed monthly fee depending on the number of work centres, plus an amount for each employee on the payroll (each payslip managed), which decreases as the number increases. There are also fees for that Department’s standard services.

Regarding our legal services, our clients may also choose to avail themselves of a fixed monthly fee consultation system. These clients receive discounts of 25%-30% when they commission us to carry out extraordinary assignments.

For this type of assignment, and not only for the Legal Department, it is usual practice for us to provide an estimate of fees for the situation that the client describes to us. However, there are times when this is not possible. In this case, fees are calculated on the basis of the hours spent on the assignment. In either case, we always give a breakdown of hours by consultant, expert and assistant.